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I strongly believe in the restoration of limited intrusion into our personal lives, with adherence to constitutional limits on government's attempts to thwart the rights and privileges of individuals and states.

I should start off by saying I used to be a Democrat, when I first started voting it was all democrats, almost exclusively a straight-ticket. However, it wasn't long before I began actually listening to local and national candidates, where they stood on particular issues. Slowly I began to split my vote, mostly locally in city/county elections. However the over time (and not that long) I got away from casting a vote for anyone running as a democrat unless I personally knew the candidate and liked him/her.

The Democrats used to be an okay party but a few decades ago, it was obvious (at least to me) that they were becoming radicalized, their positions seemed down-right un-American, so I openly declared myself a Republican, I could no longer believe all the BS that party was shoving down the people's throats. And today, I would never even think about voting for a Democrat, I don't even care if it was a family member. As far as I'm concerned that party has been hijacked by the Marxist/Communist Party and they all are one-in-the-same. America's troubles can always be traced back to democrat control, be it Detroit or anything else. The Democratic Party is nothing except a morphed version of The CPUSA.

I believe in the overall reduction of government's size and the promotion of our free enterprise system as well as a strong national defense that has nothing whatsoever to do with apologies.

I feel America is in dire need of returning to traditional American values. We believe in honesty in education not indoctrination that distorts truth and history. I have never before had such harsh words to say about either Congress or our president. However, never before (at least in my lifetime) have we been as infested with Marxism as we are now. Never before were our liberties and freedoms under such attacks by our own government. Prior to the 2006 Democrat takeover of congress and especially since Barack Obama moved into the White House was there such a divide among the right and left. And we'd have to go back a long way to have the racial tensions we've seen since Obama was sworn into office.

No one is more to blame for racial tensions than Obama himself; he uses it as a crutch to stand on and a weapon to attack those who disagree with him or his policies. There has always been discontent and disagreement with government but not to this degree. Obama is about as presidential as Hugo Chavez (insert a live dictator) would be living in the White House. So, until the 'commies' outlaw my freedom of speech I will continue to voice my displeasure of the United States of America being overrun by Marxists and illegal aliens (not to be confused with the PC version of undocumented Democrat) with an agenda to destroy our country, hell I'll keep it even if they outlaw it. If you take offense to my stand then consider yourself a lousy Marxist and a big part of America's problem and I will never apologize for it, after all apologies are for Obama to dish out not me.

Political correctness has no place in a free and open society and only invites disaster. America owes no one an apology for alleged past wrongdoings and has done nothing to be ashamed of regardless of what the current resident of 1600 Penn. Ave. says or thinks.

I feel the president should be required to have a backbone; it decreases the urge to bow. Politicians should foremost abide by our Constitution, if not they should be removed from office as soon as possible. Our current Chicago style of politics is reminiscent of the Al Capone dynasty not democracy. Elected officials, Republicans, Democrats or Independents should look out for the best interest of our country and not for themselves.

Obama has expressed what he cannot do under the Constitution; only to do that very thing he said many times he could not. Obama and everyone associated with him are nothing but liars, cheats and as anti-American as you can get. Obama borders on being a traitor, his actions, words and inaction have all but proven just how traitorous he really is. Neither Congressman/woman nor the president should force undue burdens upon the people when the majority of the people oppose them or when their actions violate our Constitution.

We have an illegal immigration issue only because the majority of those who enter our country are Mexicans and neither party wishes to be labeled as being anti-Hispanic and losing the Hispanic vote. Does anyone doubt our immigration problem would have been fixed by now if we were being overrun by a non-minority Caucasian group of people instead of Mexicans and other Hispanic groups of people, of course not.

If Hispanics Americans cannot realize the fact that these millions of illegal immigrants have placed an ever mounting unsustainable burden on all of us and in doing so is harmful to our economy, then how can they claim to be Americans and have her best interest at heart? All Americans regardless of any prior nationality should first and foremost be looking out for America and not the country they formerly called home.

There is no discrimination involved whatsoever by simply enforcing our current immigration laws, regardless of the nationality of the law-breakers. To those that feel we need immigration reform, how about adopting the immigration policy of just about any other non-third world nation? No, that wouldn't work, we'd still have to enforce it and that is the main substance of their argument, no borders, no immigration policy. Liberals seem to have no problems with other nations' polices, they only object to ours.

And to all you Muslims, who abandon your own countries to migrate into western ones, do not ever expect us to adhere to your customs and culture. If you loved your country, culture, customs, so damn much, why the hell did you leave it behind?  Do not be so ignorant to run from troubles only to try and implement the same moronic situtations you profess to have migrated to the west to avoid, it only makes you look stupid.

And until you morons prove to me that Islam is the religion of peace, I will continue to view it as the vilest and barbaric cult ever imagined. If you do not want to conform to western customs and cultures, if you have no desire to assimilate into your chosen countries culture, get the hell back to the backward sand pile you came from.



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